Yeshua gave us the parable of the sower. He said that all seed is spread among four different types of ground. Everyone wants to believe that they are of the good soil. Yet so few even consider the possibility that they could be of the thorns.

Testing the Pre-Trib Rapture

The Pre-Tribulation rapture belief has been dominate in the christian faith for years. It even seems to have gained momentum in popularity over the last decade. Books and, yes, even movies, have made this belief quite fashionable to hold to. But is it really what Scripture teaches? We encourage you to join us in taking an unbiased look at what the Scriptures say about the Pre-tribulation rapture.

The Tent

Paul said that the Antichrist will set himself up in God’s temple. This is why many are looking for another temple to be made. However, what if the temple Paul was talking about isn’t made of stone but rather the tent of meeting. Join in this short teaching as examine the possibilities.

This Is Grace

Many say that ever since Christ died on the cross we’ve been under grace. But haven’t we always been under grace? Is the New Testament grace somehow different from that of the Old Testament grace? Join us as we begin to examine this topic in this video teaching.

Thy Will Be Done

All believers claim they want to be in the will of God. But many just sit back waiting on God to just make things happen for them. Simply letting circumstances or situations dictate their lives. Join us in this study as we briefly examine this perspective.

The Titanic

When someone has been told something is a fact all their life, it’s hard for them to consider the possibility of anything that opposes that “fact”. Join us in this short teaching that encourages us to truly examine the “facts” of our faith.


Many ministers today will tell you that you are sinning by not obeying in giving tithes to the church. But no one can tithe as instructed in the scriptures. It’s literally impossible. This teaching will go over the four basic types of tithes as mentioned in the scriptures. However, it must be understood that all tithes were intended for either the Priests, Levites or simply brought to the temple for other purposes. Since there is no Priests, Levites or temple in existence today, biblically speaking, you can’t tithe.

To Be or Not To Be

The famous question brought to life from a different perspective. A perspective that we believe all followers need to consider. Are you ready to take your walk deeper? We ask that you prayerfully watch this teaching and consider the title for your life.