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We are so blessed to be used of the Father in your lives to enrich the relationship you have with Him. We are thankful you have joined us today in seeking a greater understanding of who the Creator is and what He desires from each of us in our lives. Please take your time to explore our site, teachings, and of course, the Word of YHWH with us, as we all grow together.

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Daily Devotions

Let us all remember to take a little time each day to consider the Words of our Creator.

Off the Cuff

A short, fun, and needful teaching series, where topics are addressed in a call-them-like-we-see-them format.

Woman to Woman

Women are a powerful force within the Family and this series addresses the challenges women face and how to live as God has called us to live.

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Let’s Go! (Coming Soon)

A teaching series designed for teenagers, covering topics and related issues, just for them.

For Children By Children

A teaching series where children unlock and explain the Scriptures in a way kids can understand.