We have been asked for some time now to explain our understanding of the Hebrew calendar. This is simply a short video to explain our understanding of the topic. The calendar has been a topic of debate for many over the years. This is not an attempt to “prove” any other view of the calendar wrong. We respect all views of the calendar and believe this should not be a topic to divide over.  We are all seeking to please our Heavenly Father the best we can to our understanding. We simply wanted to answer the questions to our view.  We pray you find benefit from this teaching.

What others have said about this teaching…


Steve Moutria, as always, lets the Scriptures speak.


For those of you who don’t know, the topic of when the Bible’s new year starts is a VERY contentious issue. I think this video simplifies things so much. Let’s not make this more complicated than it needs to be!


Thank you!!!


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