Prophecy is a topic that many love to dive in to, while others may not always be as interested. While prophecy can cover multiple topics and different angles of those topics, one thing is for sure, there will never be a shortage of opinions to those topics. This is one of those teachings that we believe even those who are not so drawn to prophecy may find interesting. We discuss the prophecy of Ezekiel regarding the Northern Kingdom of Israel and how Daniel may prove to be a second witness.

The Calendar

We have been asked for some time now to explain our understanding of the Hebrew calendar. This is simply a short video to explain our understanding of the topic. The calendar has been a topic of debate for many over the years. This is not an attempt to “prove” any other view of the calendar wrong. We respect all views of the calendar and believe this should not be a topic to divide over. We are all seeking to please our Heavenly Father the best we can to our understanding. We simply wanted to answer the questions to our view. We pray you find benefit from this teaching.

Watchmen on the Wall

There will always be those who just promote a message of fear for attention. There will also be those who strive to inform YHWH’s people of things they see as plausible out of concern. After distinguishing between the fear mongers and the self proclaimed Watchmen, what do we do with the message from those who are truly concerned for YHWH’s people? What if their message is something that we may not agree with? Do we disregard it? Should we disregard it? Consider this message on what our attitude should be in listening to those “Watchmen on the Wall.”

Men of YHWH Chapter 3 – Living the Example

Becoming a man of YHWH is something we learn and grow into. It doesn’t happen over night. In fact, as long as we are alive on this side of eternity, we should be constantly becoming more like our Heavenly Father. Continually growing into a man of YHWH. In this third chapter of a never ending book to come, we discuss the importance of living the example for our children.

Prepping for Battle

Sometimes we forget that we live in a world that wars against our soul. That there is an enemy out there who is constantly looking and working for our demise. What are we doing about this? What can we do? Consider this short message in how we can help ourselves in overcoming everyday battles.

The Church of Sardis

The Church of Sardis is one of those churches in Revelation that few seem to talk about. However, the lesson that is there for all of us to learn may be more valuable than we can imagine. Yashua said this church had a reputation for being “alive”. Yet, He said they were dead. This is a contrast that is hard to imagine as even being possible. Join us as we look into this church to make sure we don’t make their same mistakes.

The Church of Philadelphia

If the topic of the church of Philadelphia has ever interested you, then this teaching is for you. The Church of Philadelphia is probably the most talked about of the seven churches in Revelation. Much could be discussed regarding this body of believers. However, the question we wish to address here is the nature of their protection. How does it happen? What takes place for them once they are protected? What happens to the other six churches while this church is protected? Join us as we dig into some perspectives that we have never seen before.

Extreme Makeover

Nobody wants to consider themselves an enemy of God. Yet, when pondering the question if we are, whose definition to “friend of the world” are we using? Are we using our own definition? Or are we using YHWH’s? Join us in this teaching as we examine what it means to do an extreme makeover, spiritually speaking.


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