The Calendar

We have been asked for some time now to explain our understanding of the Hebrew calendar. This is simply a short video to explain our understanding of the topic. The calendar has been a topic of debate for many over the years. This is not an attempt to “prove” any other view of the calendar wrong. We respect all views of the calendar and believe this should not be a topic to divide over. We are all seeking to please our Heavenly Father the best we can to our understanding. We simply wanted to answer the questions to our view. We pray you find benefit from this teaching.

Seven Ducks in a Muddy River

Pride is a powerful force. Pride is a dangerous force. Pride is a lethal force. It can creep into ones life ever so gently and disguise itself in so many ways. If left undetected and truthfully acknowledged, it will steal the life and blessings right out from under you.

Ready for the Storm

Are you ready for the end times? What does it really mean to be “ready” for them? Have you truly considered this question? How should this question effect our lives? Should it effect our lives at all?

Q and A – Sukkot 2014

Everyone has questions. Everyone. Join us in this last gathering that was recorded from Sukkot in Tobermory Canada where we dig into questions that so many of us struggle with.


Prayer. A topic that could be ministered on for hours and still never scratch the surface of the subject. It’s a topic that every believer knows we need and yet a topic that every believer struggles with applying it in their life on a regular basis at point or another.

In Training

Going through hard times is never fun. However, they are most often needed far more than what we want to admit. They form and shape us and are always allowed into our lives by the Father for one reason or another.

Aliens and Strangers

How easy it is for us to live in this world and blend right in. Not even realizing we are blending in to all that surrounds us. All the while forgetting that we are to be aliens and strangers in this world. Called to be ones who stand out.

Significance of the Holy Days

Have you ever wondered what the Holy Days really are? Are these appointed times for everyone? Many say that they are only for the “Jews”. This has truly become a misconception that has developed over the course of history. First, many assume that the Jews represent all of Israel, when in fact, they are only a small portion of it. There are many tribes that make up Israel as a whole.


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