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Love. What is it? Yeshua said that in the end days that the love of many would grow cold. Some versions translate it as “waxing” cold. But who are the “many” here? Is it the world? Or is it believers? It seems more and more that the very ones who are to be exemplifying the love of YHWH are becoming less and less loving to others. Join us in this message as we examine our hearts to see just how well we are showing YHWH’s love.

What others have said about this teaching…

Hands down the best and most important message for all believers- especially in these end times.


Such a wonderful call out to believers to remember to walk in love in all matters..and to examine ourselves on how we are presenting ourselves to others.


This is excellent on the love of Messiah. Are you abiding in His love or are you growing cold?


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