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When in Rome… – Psalm 119:54-56

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Psalm 119:54-56
Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge. In the night I remember your name, O YHWH, and I will keep your law. This has been my practice: I obey your precepts.

Do you follow YHWH? Do you change in any way whatsoever in how you behave, talk or think if you are somewhere different? Do you change in any way whatsoever if you are around people who don’t pursue YHWH themselves? David said “Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge.” Can you say that of your life and it be true? Or do you allow yourself to fall prey to the pressures of the world and give in to those around you? You know, so you don’t offend anyone or make it look like you’re trying to be a “Holier than thou.” This is really nothing but the application of the old saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” But is that how it’s supposed to be? Should the theme of our life change by the hour?

So, what do you do when in Rome?

Let this be a focus in your time of meditation throughout the day. Until next time, shalom!

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