To Be or Not To Be

The famous question brought to life from a different perspective. A perspective that we believe all followers need to consider. Are you ready to take your walk deeper? We ask that you prayerfully watch this teaching and consider the title for your life.


Is the gift of tongues for today? Is there a need for the gift of tongues today? Can a gift of the Spirit be abused? Is everything that ministers are calling a “Move of the Spirit” today really just that? Would the Spirit cause someone to do something that is contrary to the fruit of the Spirit? Explore these questions and much more in this much needed teaching on a topic that has received little attention in the body today.

Trust in the Lord

Trust … It’s established through Love. Trust … It comes easy when things are going good. Trust … Something we grow in. Trust … Take a few moments to examine your trust … in the Lord.

The Tutor

Many refer to the tutor in Galatians Chapter 3 as being the law of Moses. This teaching sheds light on the topic of the tutor and gives understanding to the confusion.


Paul’s words have been misunderstood for some time. Peter even warns of others taking Paul’s words and taking them to mean lawlessness. So was Paul a hypocrite in what he taught compared to what he lived? Or are believers today just not paying attention to Peter?

The Way

Most everyone is familiar with the verse that says Yeshua is the way, truth and the life. And for some reason, it seems that we all just pass over that so quickly. Join us as we dig a little deeper into examining what it means when it says He is “the way”.

Walking in the Spirit

If you have ever wondered just what it means to walk in the Spirit, then this teaching may be just what your looking for. Join us as we turn to the scriptures in looking for the biblical definition of this topic.