The Tent

Paul said that the Antichrist will set himself up in God’s temple. This is why many are looking for another temple to be made. However, what if the temple Paul was talking about isn’t made of stone but rather the tent of meeting. Join in this short teaching as examine the possibilities.

Yahweh’s Prophetic Calendar

End time prophecy has been the topic of many debates. Yet many prophecy students and teachers alike lack the foundation that is needed to truly understand what the prophetic scriptures point us to. This opening teaching of the End of Days series is a necessity for all who desire to grow in their understanding the basics of end time prophecy.

The Last Trump

As believers, we are looking forward to the resurrection. That blessed hope that takes place at the last trump. For many this day has been considered to possibly take place on the Day of Trumpets. And that is very possible indeed. However, could there be another one of YHWH’s Holy Days that matches just the same if not better? Join as we examine the possibilities for the Last Trump.

The Last Daze

Confusion is a tactic of the enemy that has been successfully used over the centuries of time which has left many followers of Yeshua in a state of apathy regarding His second coming. As the time of His return draws closer, we should not be surprised at the increasing lines of division that are being drawn amongst many regarding this topic. However, the real lines of separation will be made when the ultimate Deuteronomy 13 test is placed before the Body of Messiah regarding the deception of the anti-christ. It will be then that we truly see who is affected by the last daze.

First Five Trumpets

This teaching addresses that of knowing the day and hour of Yeshua’s return, the third temple and the first five trumpets of Revelation. For so long, many have taught that the first four trumpets are caused from events pertaining to asteroids or comets. 119 now presents how they can very easily be fulfilled by natural events here on earth. Plus, they address the ever perplexing fifth trumpet that many prophecy teachers seem to avoid.

Confirming the Covenant

Are you looking for a 7 year tribulation to begin soon? Do you expect it to start with the antichrist signing a 7 year peace treaty with Israel? Did you know that Daniel 9 is the only text in the scriptures that many attribute this 7 year time frame with? Have you ever challenged this view? Or have you just accepted what others have taught on it? We are excited to present this second teaching of our End of Days series as we all pursue to grow in our understanding and continue to test everything.


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